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Pep Talk Pu-Er

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Some things just get better with age – leather jackets, Huey Lewis & The News, and this pu-er tea come to mind. The pu-er processing method relies on natural fermentation to transform fresh, bitter green tea into a rich and full black tea with a moderate bite that mimics coffee.

Pu-er tastes different because it’s made differently, processed to encourage fermentation rather than preserve freshness. In the Yunnan Province of China, people have been making, steeping, gambling on, and arguing over pu-er tea for hundreds of years, and it’s one of the only teas to be designated a protected origin product by the government. Fresh tea leaves are pan-heated just long enough to prevent the tea leaves from further oxidation, then dried. The process leaves enough moisture and natural bacteria to let the microbes go to work.

Our Pep Talk Pu-er black tea is aged for three years before it’s blended with cocoa beans, green coffee beans, and ground coffee. A dark and mellow coffee / tea hybrid that’s complex, densely flavored, and pleasantly bitter, with dark chocolate notes and a creamy nuttiness that eases the bite.

Recommended brewing time is 3-5 minutes, but if you want to experiment with this tea’s dynamic, try brewing it on the longer side and re-steeping.

Ingredients: Black tea, pu-er black tea, cocoa beans, green coffee beans, ground coffee, Chamomile petals, organic flavors.



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