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Rites of Spring Hyson

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The long, tightly rolled leaves of this young hyson tea unfurl in the cup, leaving a fresh, springy green tea with a vegetal body. The English took a shine to this tea in the 1700s, hiking the taxes for the prized "young" hyson, made from new shoots and leaves for a higher quality cup. The Revolutionaries had something to say about that, chucking 70 cases of hyson into the Boston Harbor. 

Origin: Anhui Province, China

Process: Non-fermented, traditional Chinese steamed method

Caffeine Level: Low



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Ethically Sourced

All teas are sourced from estates with excellent track records of social welfare.

Estates build homes, hospitals and schools to ensure workers and their families are well cared for.


All of our teas are produced in North America's first carbon negative, solar powered facility.

Our packaging is 100% compostable.

No tea bags = less waste.

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