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Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong

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Arthur’s favorite - a unique but surprisingly accessible light-bodied oolong. Delicious minerality and vegetal notes with a clean finish. Jasmine fragrance and gentle dryness adds to this tea’s delicate complexity. Steeps citrine to light amber color with almost no bitterness. 

Oolong is a semi-fermented tea, between unoxidized green tea and fully oxidized black tea. While green tea leaves are heat-treated to prevent oxidization, the enzymes in black tea are exposed to humidity until the leaves are fully oxidized, then fired to stop further fermentation. Oolong is somewhere in the middle, using mature tea leaves that are carefully oxidized and fired to create unique variations. The leaves are stirred or bruised to break down their cellular structure, releasing oils that create the flavor and aroma of the final product. 

Recommended brewing time is 2-4 minutes at 190 degrees. Re-steeps very well.

Origin: Fujian Province, China

Caffeine Level: Low



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All teas are sourced from estates with excellent track records of social welfare.

Estates build homes, hospitals and schools to ensure workers and their families are well cared for.


All of our teas are produced in North America's first carbon negative, solar powered facility.

Our packaging is 100% compostable.

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