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Genmaicha Giskone

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Toasty and nutty, Genmaicha is a traditional Japanese sencha blended with roasted and popped rice. The “people’s tea” was developed to stretch costly green tea by adding rice. While the ruling classes enjoyed the prized first flushes of the tea plant, ordinary people developed a masterpiece - savory, flavorful, and supremely drinkable Genmaicha green tea. 

Originally, Genmaicha was made with bancha, tea leaves harvested from the same plant as sencha, but in the second flush of the tea plant. Less expensive than leaves from the first flush, bancha was accessible to everyone. Our Genmaicha Yokai upgrades to the more delicate sencha, letting the subtle starchy character of the roasted rice come through. A bit of the rice pops during the roasting process, adding a cool visual and buttery background. 

Origin: Kagoshima prefecture, Japan

Ingredients: Green tea, roasted & popped rice

Caffeine Level: Low



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